Selling Properties in The Whistler Area

There’s a whole lot more to selling real estate than signing a listing contract, however it would seem selling efforts often subside immediately after the dotted line is signed.  I know this, because I’ve seen it – time and time again.

The markets – local and global – are changing in ways we’ve never experienced before, and these changes demand a completely different approach to effectively promote and sell your property.  Yesterday’s ‘passive approach’ to real estate is no longer permissible – today’s market doesn’t allow it, and my approach doesn’t tolerate it.  Today’s client – shouldn’t have to expect it.  Your property deserves more, and so do you.

Real estate knowledge shouldn’t stop at your specific property and how it sits in its respective market.  Competing markets, interest rates, economic trends, consumer preferences, as well as today’s technological advancements in the realm of communication, advertising, information and networking – expertise in all of these are necessary to ensure your getting the most for your property, in the right amount of time.   

Properties in a world class resort & destination require world wide marketing and awareness.  Welcome to my approach to listing your property – nothing less than extensive and impactful.  The results?  Continually successful.